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Are you thinking about installing solar panels for your home? Concerned about needing a new roof before going solar? Enjoy a no-obligation free consultation with TruHome Pros today and learn about how our solar and roofing replacement programs can benefit your home and your wallet. 

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Solar Panels

Discover the secrets smart homeowners are using to go solar with $0 down and save money on electricy bills.

Roof replacement

 Learn how smart savvy homeowners are bundling a new roof into the cost of installing solar to save money. 

go solar for $o down, save big, and increase home value

Going solar for your home can be one of the best financial decisions you can make right now. Most homeowners’ common misconception about solar is that it’s too expensive and takes too long to see a return on investment. 

However, that’s all now a thing of the past. The cost to install solar panels has dropped nearly over 80% in recent years making the process to switch to renewable energy very affordable. Additionally, federal solar incentives are also known as the federal solar tax credit can help aid with the cost of installing solar panels. This solar incentive alone allows homes the ability to deduct up to 26% off the total cost of installing a solar panel system. Furthermore, some local utilities and government offer additional solar incentives in select states which make going solar a NO BRAINER. 

Recent studies from Zillow also show that installing solar panels may even increase the value of your home. With that said not all homes are a good fit for solar. To find out more about what your home qualifies for in terms of solar savings fill out the form or give us a call and let our team of energy experts do the heavy lifting for you. 


1. Consultation

Fill out the form on our contact us page and let us get to work on finding the best solar options for your home.

2. Choose Your Solar

Review your home's solar savings and design layout and choose the best solar option for your home's needs.

3. Site Inspection

Our engineers will come out to inspect your home to ensure your home is the perfect fit for solar. Roof Inspection Included.

4. Permitting

Once your home inspection is complete we can start the permitting process with your local jurisdiction.

5. Installation

Get ready for the big days as our local installation team comes out to professionally install your custom solar system.

6. Permission To Operate

Once the system is installed your local utility company will come out to inspect the system and from there you can power on and enjoy great savings.

What our happy customers have to say

We make the process easy and educate you along the way. See for yourself.

Christopher Krypel
Christopher Krypel
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What a great service! I currently have no electric bill do to the work TruHome did for me. I would suggest using TruHome Pros for your Solar needs. Great Sales and Great Installers.
William Balzano
William Balzano
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Super fast install great customer service very knowledgeable in every step of the process
Lisa Ducato
Lisa Ducato
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TruHome has given me my happiness back. I live in a 1400sq ft home and had $600 a month electric bills. If you have ever felt like you can’t get ahead that is how I felt. Then Tom Anzalone from TruHome Pros came to see me and he changed everything for the better. I am forever grateful. He was very professional, knowledgeable and answered all of my questions regarding solar. I was skeptical at first but what did I have to lose. I thought I was going to have to sell my house. The Installer’s were courteous and prompt. I Couldn’t be happier with this experience. I highly recommend them.
Dennis King
Dennis King
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We had TruHome Pros help us with our solar project, and it was really a seamless experience. From the first phone call we received to the sales rep come out to our house. The install went very smoothly and quickly as well. It was just under 6 weeks and we had panels on our roof and already started saving money. I would highly recommend doing business with TruHome Pros if you want to deal with professionals that really know what they are doing and truly care about helping their clients.

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How many Solar panel do i need?

Depending on your goal, the solar energy company of your choice will guide you appropriately on the available options and the size of the solar system needed.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

Determining the final cost of your solar system will depend on various factors. Thanks to local solar incentives, youyou can get connected at affordable rates. If…

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At TruHomePros we provide clients with over ten years of Solar experience, complete customization, and 100% customer satisfaction. We have the know-how to tackle everything from cutting your monthly residential electricity bill to creating custom solutions for your business. We will work with you every step of the way. Schedule your free consultation today.

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Want to know more about your home’s solar savings potential? Fill out the form below and let our soler experts design a custom system for you to see the savings for yourself. Disclaimer, not all homes qualify.