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Over the past decade, solar energy has been on the rise due to its vast number of benefits. As more people switch to solar energy in Illinois for either environmental reasons or to save money, it is important to find the best solar panel installation company that fits your situation. They should understand your needs and legal requirements that you have to follow. So, if you’re stuck in front of your screen searching for “solar companies near me,” then the search is over. At TruHome Pros In Illinois, we are committed to helping you cut electricity costs by offering custom solutions fit for you.

As one of the trusted solar companies in Illinois, we at TruHome Pros work to ensure that we deliver high-quality solar energy. Most importantly, our experts will be with you every step of the way. 


Solar installation process in Illinois

As one of the trusted solar companies in Illinois, we at TruHome Pros work to ensure that we deliver high-quality solar energy. Most importantly, our experts will be with you every step of the way. 

Based on 158 reviews
Efrain Gonzalez
Efrain Gonzalez
DJ at TruHome Pros (sales) and the SolarWise installation crew were very professional and knowledgeable. The installation crew worked quickly and cleaned up the entire work site. Kudos to the entire staff at TruHome Pros and SolarWise.
Adam Victory
Adam Victory
Dave Tayler was the company representative, he is a very honest and knowledgeable and answered allmy concerns, he is loaded with information that l had no clue about, usually l don't jump on any agr8or contract unless see multiple options to decide, but David left no options in which made me finalize my decision and go with this company , this is my first experience with this company as a part of a long history to come and l hope keep giving 5 stars for every experience along the road. Thanks Dave Zakaria Altamimi
Pamela Allen
Pamela Allen
We met with Tad to discuss going solar. We are very impressed with his knowledge, professionalism, and friendly manner. We are excited to complete installation and do our part in reducing our "footprint".
Chad Klinge
Chad Klinge
I gave 3 star initially, sense my home isn't not producing near the power as predicted off their graph they show. Even though a lot of it is due to Mother Nature and is out of True home control. Ryan my sales rep has been awesome helping through the problem and even though they do not need to they are adding 4 panels at no charge to the home to help produces more energy and send me a credit for my low production months.
Leslie aldrich
Leslie aldrich
I am having these panels placed on my home and so far I am very impressed with TruHome. The sales rep, Ryan, was kind and not pushy. The customer service has been excellent this far. I am looking forward to getting started on this project.
Sarah Simpson
Sarah Simpson
I worked with Tad and had a great experience. He was more than willing to take the time to answer all my questions and explain the process. The communication was great from purchase through installation. I highly recommend TruHome Pros!
Pete Russell is outstanding! Highly recommended!
Kim Lavigne
Kim Lavigne
We just completed a consultation with Sales Manager Tad Ulrich and have committed to working with Tru Home Pros for our solar panel instillation. We were extremely impressed with the outstanding and professional advice given to us. The total transparency of this company and the highest level of customer service we have seen in a very long time. We absolutely recommend to anyone reading this review, that Tru Home Pros experience was worth the time and at this time we are beyond satisfied.

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As a resident of Illinois, deciding to use solar energy is a great decision as the state offers several support programs through incentives. Over the years, the state of Illinois has been updating its solar policies as it moves towards a 25% renewable energy status by 2025.  Most solar companies will be transparent on how the following solar incentives work.


All of Illinois can take advantage of the 26% Federal Tax Credit. The solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is one of the most important federal policy to support the growth of solar energy in the United States. This incentive allows individuals or businesses opting for solar energy to recoup 26% as of 2020 if the equipment and installation costs for an unlimited amount. In 2021 the tax will decline to 22%. In 2022 the tax credit will be discontinued for residential customers but drops to 10% for commercial businesses. For individuals with a tax liability and in need to shelter income, a solar energy system investment can be an excellent way to achieve big tax savings in Illinois.


Eligible solar panels for home use in Illinois attract the net metering incentive. Net metering allows homeowners and small business owners that produce excess energy from their solar system to back feed energy into the utility companies grid. In a nutshell, net metering ensures you can get credits on your bill for those times when you generate more power than you use. The Illinois net metering law requires investor-owned utilities to provide one-to-one net metering for renewable energy generation that is sized to offset the household’s energy consumption. One-to-one net metering will see homeowners get credited for the electricity they send back to the grid at the same rate that they are charged for electricity. Solar installation companies such as TruHome Pros can help determine if your home is eligible for the solar panel incentive program. When it comes to solar panels, it is essential to select a high-quality product to maximize the efficiency of your system. 


In addition to the Federal Investment Tax, Illinois residents can receive additional financial incentives through the state’s solar renewable energy certificate (SREC) market. SRECs are Illinois solar incentives that enable homeowners to sell credits for their solar system’s clean energy production to the investor-owned utilities. As a solar system owner, you will earn one REC for every 1000 kilowatt-hours (kWhs) produced by your solar system. Utilities will buy your SRECs so that they can count your solar power towards meeting their requirements. Selling your SRECs can result in extra income. This incentive is one reason why you need renewable energy in Illinois as it comes with monetary value. The first step towards earning SRECs is to look for a solar panel system contractor. If you search solar panel near me, the company will work with you and the state to ensure that your system is eligible for SRECs once it’s operational.


Have you decided to go solar? There are several ways you can get this clean energy conveniently based on existing plans. These are the main ways to go solar in Illinois.

Solar Energy Company Illinois


Efficient solar panels have a long life span which translates to reduced electricity bills in the long run. A new roof alongside solar panels is a great idea since you will qualify for incentives from the state. As a roofing contractor in Illinois, we conduct a roof inspection before installing solar panels to ensure it supports the load. At Tru-home Pros, after the inspection, we will determine how to mount the panels on the roof. Our team focuses on ensuring the solar panel positioning gets access to direct sunlight. We will also advise on whether you can use solar panels in place of a roof. 


TruHome Pros is located at 697 Somerset Ave, West Dundee. From O’Hare International Airport (ORD) head southwest on I-190 W and take the Bessie Coleman Dr exit toward Airport Terminal 5/A.R.F.F. Staging Area D. Then turn right onto Bessie Coleman Dr and use the right lane to merge onto I-190 E via the ramp to Airport Terminal 5/I-90/I-294/Chicago. Next, take exit 1C for I-90 W/Tollway toward Rockford and use the left 2 lanes to merge onto I-90 W. After that, keep left at the fork to stay on I-90 W and use the right lane to take exit 52 for Randall Rd. At this point, keep right at the fork, follow signs for Crystal Lake/Gilberts and merge onto S Randall Rd and turn right onto Carrington Dr. Finally, turn right onto Somerset Ave and TruHome Pros will be on your left.

We’re open Mon-Sun 9 am-8 pm.

For additional questions, you can call us at 847-994-4511