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Curious about how Solar Panel Installation in Barrington, IL works? Wondering if solar energy is right for you and your family? We’re here to answer all of those questions and more. 

Solar power has been a popular topic over the past few years, so many people have started looking into ways they can use solar power in their homes. If you are considering solar panel installation in Barrington, IL, here’s what you need to know!

IS Solar Panel INSTALLATION Worth It In Barrington, IL?

One of the big questions around going solar in Illinois is, are solar panels worth it? The short answer to this is yes, as long as your property has adequate sun exposure. Solar panels work by photovoltaic cells capturing the energy from sunlight, which then creates electricity that can be stored or used immediately.

The cost of solar panels has also decreased dramatically over recent years, and with many types of financing solar options available for homeowners in Illinois, it is easier than ever to make this switch!

Additionally, the cost of solar panels in Illinois is usually less than the amount you would spend monthly on electricity from your local utility company(for homes that qualify). 

Furthermore, Illinois has some of the best solar incentives here in the US, making the transition to solar energy a NO BRAINER. Learn more about why solar is worth it in Illinois here.

Solar Incentives in Barrington, IL

These solar incentives include the federal tax credit, which allows homes and businesses in Barrington, Illinois, the ability to deduct up to 26% of their solar installation costs from their taxable income. 

Additionally, the Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC) program provides incentives for homeowners in Barrington, IL, by providing a monetary credit for each kilowatt-hour generated and sent back into the grid. The SRECs are usually valued at $80 per kilowatt-hour!

Lastly, many electric companies offer net metering to enable homes and businesses in Barrington, Illinois, to use solar-generated electricity when they need it and feed excess solar energy back into the grid for later use. Learn more about Illinois solar incentives here.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost In Barrington, IL

As mentioned, solar panel installation costs have dropped significantly. Solar panels in Barrington, Illinois, which were once prohibitively expensive for many people, are now available to a wide range of budgets and income levels due to the decrease in costs.

The average cost of solar panel installation in Barrington, IL, has ranged from $3-$4 per watt over recent years with prices dropping as equipment costs continue to become less expensive.

However, every home’s solar needs are different, and the cost of a solar installation will vary widely depending on the size, quality, and the number of panels you need. Even the solar installer you choose can affect pricing. 

Solar panel installers are experts in determining your solar needs and finding the best solar options for your home. They can also give you information about any rebates or tax incentives that may be available from your local utility company.

Contact TruHome Pros Solar Today and Go Solar With $0 Down

We Are A Local Barrington IL Solar Installer

If you live in Barrington, IL, we can help you get solar panels installed on your home with as little as zero down. We are a full-service solar energy company that offers free consultations and estimates for all of our clients. Our team has been installing residential solar systems since 2010, so we know the ins and outs when it comes to installing solar.

Let us show you how much money you could save with these renewable energy sources before making any decisions about whether or not to invest in them!

Contact TruHome Pros Solar today for a free solar consultation at (779) 804-2024 to learn more about everything from our services to installation prices, financing options, warranties, rebates/incentives, and more.

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