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New Roof and Solar at The Same Time: A Detailed Guide

If you’re considering a brand-new roof or solar panels, you’ve also wondered about the benefits of installing them together. New roofs plus solar panels have several benefits.

  • It can provide energy savings. Solar energy is accessible once the initial investment in equipment and installation is made.
  • It can increase the value of your home. An energy-efficient home is more attractive to potential buyers and can command a higher price.
  • Installing solar panels can extend the life of your roof. The panels protect the roofing materials from sun damage, reducing the need for repairs or replacement.
  • Solar panels are an environmentally friendly way to generate electricity. They do not produce emissions or waste products, making them a clean energy source.

For these reasons, installing solar panels with a new roof is a wise investment that can pay dividends for years. But most other solar companies don’t offer roofing services, and vice versa. You’re in luck because TruHome Pros does!

We specialize in both replacing roofs with solar panels and providing comprehensive installation services. This means less hassle when trying to find someone who covers all the bases. And we can explain everything with ease along the way.

But there are still some good questions that come up when considering either a new roof, a solar panel system, or both. Homeowners might ask:

  1. Should I replace my current roof before solar installation?
  2. What if my old roof with new solar panels needs repairing later on?
  3. Will solar power systems void my roof warranty? 
  4. Will the solar company pay for a new roof? And finally: 
  5. What cost can be included in the solar tax credit?

Many considerations go into the decision to combine both tasks. It can be challenging, and stressful, to decide when to do both. Well, you can relax, because we have the answers you need. TruHome Pros provides homeowners with the best advice. We can help you work out the best options for your home!

Our experts know everything about roof replacement, replacing a roof with solar panels, and solar installation. So if you want to get started today, contact us here for a free consultation. Plus we’ve got tips and information for you in this handy guide, so you can make your choice with confidence.

TruHome Pros has you covered.

Solar Energy Company West Dundee IL

Should I replace my current roof before installing solar?

For those interested there, if you have a new roof, then you don’t have to worry about replacing it at all. Plus solar can extend the life of the roof by protecting the roofing material from natural elements, like snow and hail storms.

Solar panel installation can add weight to your roof, so if your roof is old or in need of repairs, it may not be able to support the weight of solar panels. In this case, it would be necessary to replace your roof before installing solar panels. The cost of replacing your roof will be factored into the overall cost of solar panel installation.

Solar panels are durable to withstand any weather. TruHome Pro’s solar panel systems come with a 25-year warranty.

Solar Energy Company West Dundee IL

What if it’s time to replace the roof?

If your roof is nearing the end of its life, or due for replacement, it’s time to get a new one before you invest in solar. Some roofs might not stand installation. It’s always best to get this evaluated by a trained specialist. 

It is possible to repair an old roof with new solar panels. But if you’re only 5-10 years away from needing a roof renovation, get it done first. This way there won’t be more costly repairs later down the road as well.  

If you have an aging roof and want the benefits of having your old one replaced, our team can do it. We can recommend how to balance the longevity of solar panels with your existing roof for the best outcomes.

At our company, we provide a free inspection to every potential customer. We take a look at the age of your shingles and the slope of your roof to determine their durability. If we find that your roof needs to be replaced, we’ll work with you through the entire process, from choosing suitable materials to ensuring a seamless installation.

Solar Energy Company West Dundee IL

What happens if you have to replace a roof with solar panels?

Never fear. Maintenance work is still an option. Often this involves small tasks like caulking between tiles before they become an issue. A little preventative medicine will go a long way.

But larger problems can become expensive.

A big problem with a huge price tag:

Re-roofing post-installation can be costly. Removing and reinstalling the solar panels on your roof can add $1,500 – 6,000 to the cost of your new roof. One of the largest expenses is labor. It’s not cheap to store panels during re-roofing, either. You’ll also have to factor in damage that may occur due to construction work. Like new leaks or cracks, for instance.

If you use separate solar and roofing companies for the same project, it can total almost twice as much! This happens because each company has their own set fees. It adds up quickly when they charge separately.

Thankfully, TruHome Pros works to give you the best price for your project by combining the two services. TruHome Pros is your all-in-one solution.

Making things easier, post-installation

Ever worry about your roof? You don’t have to anymore. Imagine never having to call a contractor ever again because we can do it all for you! The roof is a significant component of any home and we strive to make it as durable, functional, attractive, and efficient as possible.

Solar Energy Company West Dundee IL

So will solar panels void my roof warranty?

Short answer, ‘Yes, it can’. But wait, it’s a good thing (we promise).

When you go solar, your roof warranty is usually voided on the part of the roof where the panel is located. It depends on your original roofing company’s policy.

We’re confident of our top solar panel installation service. That’s why at TruHome Pros we assume the warranty for any part of your roof where our panels are installed. Our workmanship warranty supersedes and replaces the roof warranty. You’re not losing a warranty; you’re gaining armor against the elements.

TruHome Pros are here to give you peace of mind for a decade. If any areas need repair or replacement during our warranty, we’re here for you with friendly service! But we’re confident you’ll never need to use it.

Do solar companies pay for a new roof?

We also offer solar leasing. In some scenarios – depending on available solar incentives – we can sometimes subsidize the cost of adding a new roof before going solar. However it’s a case-by-case situation where most solar companies will only be able to subsidize the sections off roof where the panels will be attached. Having a solar company pay for your new roof is a great way to utilize the 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit! (SITC).

What costs can be included in solar tax credit?

That’s right. You can receive a whopping 26% off the cost of a solar system from your taxes by getting a Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit. You already knew this, right? But did you know, you can claim the cost of a new roof when installing solar panels at the same time? 

It’s a huge incentive to have both projects done in tandem. Consider the time it saves, the reductions in expense, and the benefits of pairing solar panels with a new roof. But this massive boost to your investment is only available for a limited time! Federal Solar Tax Credits are being phased out. They will no longer be available for residential properties by 2024!

There might never be a better opportunity to make the migration to solar, and repair your roof at once. In fact, if your roof is in the marginal period of 5-10 years away from needing a roof replacement, now is the time.

This 26% credit only lasts until 2022, and drops to 22% in 2023.

By 2024 it will plummet to 10% and only be available for commercial properties and businesses.

So book in now to take advantage of it while you still can.

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