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Solar Panel System Repair Service


Trusted 5-Star Solar System Support 

You’ve made a significant investment in your solar system. So whenever something goes wrong, such as your electricity bills are unusually high again, it pays to work with TruHome Pros to preserve that investment.

We promise to repair your solar panels as quickly as possible at the least possible cost. Our experienced Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois solar technicians troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair your issues to bring your system back to peak performance.


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Solar Service Quote

By clicking “submit, subscribe, or Schedule”, you agree to TruHome Pros Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You consent to receive phone calls and SMS messages from TruHome Pros to provide updates on your order and/or for marketing purposes. You may opt-out by texting “STOP”. Message and data rates may apply.

repairing solar panels to get back performance

Solar Panel Repair Gets You Back To Peak Performance

The cost to repair your solar panel system varies depending on factors such as the age of your solar panels and the extent to which there is any major damage not just to the solar panels, but the underlying connections and even the roof itself.

Experienced TruHome Pros solar systems professionals work with you to make the best decisions that provide the best outcomes at the best cost.

Basic Troubleshooting Before Repairs

The more you can tell us about what is going on with your solar panel system, the more quickly we can diagnose the issue and conduct the appropriate repairs. However, we never quote a job over the phone or email.

Only a thorough on-site inspection of your solar panel system and an accurate test of the electrical power generated can identify the issue—or issues—causing your solar system to malfunction and fail to operate at peak efficiency. Our findings are presented to you in writing, and only with your approval do we proceed to take the necessary steps to bring your solar panel system back to life.

troubleshooting solar panels for repair or replace

What Can Go Wrong

Your solar panel system is exposed to the elements. And while solar panels are designed to withstand severe weather conditions, they can be damaged by a particularly hard striking branch or severe hailstorm. Critters such as squirrels can nibble away at electrical connections. And, over time, system components wear out. In some cases, repairs may not be needed. It might simply be a matter of cleaning the panels of debris and dirt that’s accumulated to restore your solar system to peak performance. If a damaged solar panel is under warranty, it will be replaced.

roof inspection with solar panels

Roof Inspection For Repairs

As long as we are on the roof inspecting your solar panels, it is good practice to inspect the roof itself for any damages and leaks, as well as the underlying structure beneath the roof. A quality roof underpins a quality solar panel system. You’re wasting your money on solar panels if you don’t also have a good roofing foundation.

Solar Panel System Maintenance

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The best way to avoid the inconvenience, not to mention the cost of solar system repairs, is to conduct regular solar panel system maintenance. TruHome Pros also offers maintenance services to keep your solar panel in optimum working condition at top efficiency.

Regular solar maintenance involves removing debris, inspecting and repairing any damages, ensuring proper drainage, and cleaning solar panel surfaces. Regular maintenance avoids future costly repairs and extends the life of your solar panels.

roofing and solar maintenance services

Get Your Solar Panels Repaired As Quickly As Possible

Why Choose TruHome Pros?

TruHome Pros is a trusted roofing and solar contractor noted for the highest quality roof and solar panel installation, replacement, repair, insurance damage claim, and maintenance services.

Based on 203 reviews
Nathan White
Nathan White
Going solar is a big decision and not cheap however not as expensive as I thought. Keep in mind when making this decision you will pay off the solar panels, but you’ll never pay off your electric company! With the world going green eventually you’ll be paying for solar from your electric company anyway. From the beginning everyone has been very professional and friendly. Never once did I feel pressured into making the decision to go solar. Every question I had was not only answered but answered so that I could understand it. I highly recommend!
Lori Jacona
Lori Jacona
So very happy with this company. They always call you back when needed. I would highly recommend anybody for true pro home, solar.
Blake Allen
Blake Allen
The entire process of installing 13 solar panels took only a month, with very clear communication throughout. Everyone was professional and efficient and I’m very excited to see the changes in energy use. I definitely recommend this company.
Jonathan Coleman
Jonathan Coleman
Working with Remy & his TruHome Pros Team was an incredible experience. Their exceptional attention to detail, ability to assess our needs, address our concerns, and provide a top notch service was greatly appreciated! Remy sat with us while we discovered what Solar could do for our family & showed us renderings of what the exact system could look like for us right then and there. Now we have just completed installation and see it is just as slim and sleek as described. The installation team was great & worked quickly while neatly installing everything. Highly recommend working with this team if you get the chance!
Robby Montgomery
Robby Montgomery
Tru Home Pros is a honest and through company in explaining the entire process of going solar. My wife and I appreciated the time Rob took to explain if solar was going to work for our family. We are definitely going to recommend this company to our neighbors and friends.
Jen Comerford
Jen Comerford
Had a great experience with TruHome Pros. Rob was super patient with a billion questions and very thoughtful in his explaining every detail to us. Highly recommend for Solar panels!
KC Yoon
KC Yoon
TruHome Pros successfully activated the solar panels and made me believe that there are good and honest companies that will sincerely help you feel good about spending money for the right reason. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Robert Koson, the salesperson with TruHome Pros. As he mentioned in our initial meeting, he would be there every step of the way, and he kept his word. Thank you, Robert.
alan fitzner
alan fitzner
I have meet with Pete on going with solar power, he was well informed and easy to talk to . Our meeting was very productive
Heather Cross
Heather Cross
I kept seeing these ads for government assistance solar program, so I decided to look into it and get some more information. TruHome came out, Pete the rep explained everything very thoroughly the process of how it works. They had a very impressive technology, and came prepared with a generated imaging of what would work best for our home. If you are looking to go solar, definitely go with truhome. they explain the whole process show you what government programs or savings you could have with the solar panels, generate all the numbers for you all, potentially what your energy bill would look like down the road. Basically they walk you through every single step of the process. They even have an app, if you have any solar panels that are down you can put an order in for somebody to come out and get them fixed. The whole solar experience is pretty amazing.
Sue Murphy
Sue Murphy
Peter was very easy to talk to, explained things well, answered all of our questions and worked hard to make solar affordable for us. He will continue to be our contact person with Truhome Pros Solar.


If your electricity bills are trending back to what you used to pay before you installed the solar panel system, chances are pretty good you’ve got an issue.

Solar panels may require repairs for various reasons, such as physical damage, wear and tear, weather-related issues, electrical problems, or component failures.

Most solar panels are engineered to last anywhere from 20 to 25 years. That assumes you perform regular maintenance, including cleaning the panels regularly. Check the warranty details provided by the manufacturer of your solar panels.

If your solar panel system is experiencing problems, the best time to conduct repairs is as soon as possible, regardless of the time of year. Certain extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rainfalls or snowfalls, can cause delays, of course, since they affect the safety of our technicians. Once normal weather returns, repairs can commence.

Solar panel repair is not a DIY project. TruHome Pros technicians are specially trained in both the basic know-how of solar panel operation and general electrical system best practices. In addition, TruHome Pros technicians can thoroughly inspect the roof itself for potential issues that might not be obvious to a simple “eyeballing.” Besides, even people who don’t have a fear of heights aren’t inclined to climb up on their roofs—it’s a task best left to professionals who do this sort of thing day in and day out.

While there are no special skills required to clean solar panels, it gets back to the question of whether you really want to climb a ladder and get on your roof. For most people, that’s a “no.”

Absolutely not, as long as they are installed by an experienced solar contractor such as TruHome Pros.

Check your electrical panel to ensure the circuit breaker for the solar panel’s system is ON. Electrical surges and other anomalies can cause a circuit breaker to trip. The quickest and easiest repair, and one that costs you absolutely nothing, is to turn the circuit breaker back to ON.

Ground faults in the wiring that connect the panels. Inverter failure. Abnormal high frequencies emitting from a neighbor’s appliances. Loose terminal connections. Wiring strings that squirrels or other creatures take a liking to nibble at.

It depends on the nature and extent of the damage. Minor repairs may take a few hours, while more complex issues could take longer. We provide a time estimate as part of our inspection report.

If the damage occurred within the warranty period, it’s probably covered. Check the terms and conditions of the warranty to confirm coverage.

The cost of solar panel repairs varies based on the extent of damage and the specific components that need attention. TruHome Pros breaks down the exact costs in your estimate.

Yes, we can help you with your insurance damage claim on your solar panel system and/or roof.