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Solar Services


TruHome Pros offers 5-star solar services for homes in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan including panel installation, repair, maintenance, energy storage, and EV charging.

Our highly affordable solar systems decrease your energy bills and increase the value of your property. We work closely with homeowners to design and install solar panel systems that meet their needs in providing an excellent source of alternative energy that lasts for years to come. If you are looking to “go green,” there’s no greener way to go than solar.


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Solar Service Quote

By clicking “submit, subscribe, or Schedule”, you agree to TruHome Pros Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You consent to receive phone calls and SMS messages from TruHome Pros to provide updates on your order and/or for marketing purposes. You may opt-out by texting “STOP”. Message and data rates may apply.

Solar Services That Save Money & Add Value

Solar Panel Installation on an Illinois home

Solar Panel Design & Installation Service

We source solar panels from leading manufacturers especially fitted to the footprint of your roof and the orientation of your home towards the sun. An engineering inspection is first performed to evaluate the condition of your roof and ensure it is structurally sound (we can repair and/or replace roofing if that is necessary). The engineer also inspects your electrical panel to ensure it has sufficient amperage to connect to your solar panels. Then permits are obtained, and the panels and inverter(s) are ordered. Depending on the size and complexity of your system, the final installation of your solar panels and electrical interconnections typically takes anywhere from 1-3 days.

Solar Panel Repair Service

Stuff happens. TruHome Pros performs the necessary diagnostic service to determine the source of the solar energy drop. In some cases, it requires replacing a damaged or defective solar panel. If the solar panel is still under warranty, we of course replace it without charge.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last In Illinois?
roofing and solar maintenance services

Solar Panel Maintenance & Cleaning Service

Solar panels get dirty over time. Dirty solar panels are inefficient solar panels. Every three months or so, solar panels must be rinsed to remove dirt and debris. If you are uncomfortable getting on your roof, TruHome Pros maintenance service ensures your clean solar panels operate at maximum efficiency.

Battery Storage For Solar Service

Pairing your solar panels with a battery system allows you to store energy for later use instead of returning excess energy to the electrical grid. While the cost of battery storage has declined, and solar batteries are eligible for federal tax credits, it is a pretty large investment. TruHome Pros can help you assess whether battery storage is worth it for your situation and install a battery that works best with your solar panels.

store your solar energy in a battery
ev charging station installation service

EV Charging Station Service

If you own, or are planning to own an electric vehicle, TruHome Pros offers an expert installation service of a home charging system that keeps your vehicle’s tank “filled to the top.” We specialize in all types of EV charging stations, including Tesla as a certified powerwall installer.

Our 6 Step Going Solar Process

TruHome Pros solar professionals conduct a thorough evaluation of your property, particularly the size and condition of your roof as well as daily sun exposure, to build a quality solar system that fits your needs and your budget, and saves you money. From permitting to powering up, we manage a full scope of solar services to ensure your installation is safe and reliable for years to come.



Contact us for a quote and let us get to work on finding the best solar options for you and your home situation.


Choose Your Solar

Review your home's solar savings and design layout. Then, choose the best solar services for your home's needs.


Site Inspection

Our engineers will come out to inspect your home to ensure your home is the perfect fit for solar. Roof inspection included!



Once your home inspection is complete we can start the permitting process with your local jurisdiction.



Get ready for the big day(s) as our local installation team comes out to perform all the services to complete your custom solar system install.


Permission To Operate

Once the solar services are completed on our end, your local utility company will come out to inspect the system so you can power on and enjoy savings.

Financing Options for Going Solar

In addition to tax incentives and rebates that significantly lower the cost of solar panels and installation services, TruHome Pros offers financing programs with competitive rates that make it more affordable than ever to take advantage of owning your solar system. We also offer leasing options.

how solar works for a home

How Solar Energy Works

Most residential solar systems are installed on the roof, though in some cases, they are installed in yards if there is enough space and local zoning allows it. Solar panels house a set of photovoltaic cells. These cells absorb energy from the sunlight that shines on the solar panels, creating an electrical flow. This electrical flow is converted into household use by an inverter, which also employs battery power to store power for when it is needed.

This electricity is used to power your home, with any excess going back into the power grid and earning credit to further lower your energy bill.

Top-of-the-Line Solar Panels & Equipment

TruHome Pros solar services employ a full integration of highly efficient solar panels, power inverters, and premium parts and accessories that ensure optimum performance and long term savings.

Our sleek and durable solar panels are manufactured by top-of-the-line Tier 1 companies such as LG Solar, SunPower, REC, and Panasonic (specific manufacturers vary by local availability and best pricing subject to fluctuating market conditions).

The solar panels we select for your home offer the highest efficiency, temperature coefficient (meaning how much energy output is affected by heat), and warranties.

How You Can Save Money On Solar Services

The cost to install solar panels has dropped nearly 80% in recent years, making switching to renewable energy very affordable. Additionally, federal and state solar incentives significantly reduce the cost of installation services for solar panel systems. This solar incentive alone allows homes the ability to deduct up to 30% off the total cost of solar panel installation.

The average homeowner can save approximately $80 per month with a TruHome Pros solar installation service, depending on the size of your roof, how much sun your house gets, and where you are located.

You can also significantly increase your home’s value by going solar. Which means you’ll be able to sell it faster for a higher price.

Shining Examples of Solar Service Satisfaction

Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan homeowners enjoy the cost-effective comfort of a TruHome Pros solar services.

Based on 203 reviews
Nathan White
Nathan White
Going solar is a big decision and not cheap however not as expensive as I thought. Keep in mind when making this decision you will pay off the solar panels, but you’ll never pay off your electric company! With the world going green eventually you’ll be paying for solar from your electric company anyway. From the beginning everyone has been very professional and friendly. Never once did I feel pressured into making the decision to go solar. Every question I had was not only answered but answered so that I could understand it. I highly recommend!
Lori Jacona
Lori Jacona
So very happy with this company. They always call you back when needed. I would highly recommend anybody for true pro home, solar.
Blake Allen
Blake Allen
The entire process of installing 13 solar panels took only a month, with very clear communication throughout. Everyone was professional and efficient and I’m very excited to see the changes in energy use. I definitely recommend this company.
Jonathan Coleman
Jonathan Coleman
Working with Remy & his TruHome Pros Team was an incredible experience. Their exceptional attention to detail, ability to assess our needs, address our concerns, and provide a top notch service was greatly appreciated! Remy sat with us while we discovered what Solar could do for our family & showed us renderings of what the exact system could look like for us right then and there. Now we have just completed installation and see it is just as slim and sleek as described. The installation team was great & worked quickly while neatly installing everything. Highly recommend working with this team if you get the chance!
Robby Montgomery
Robby Montgomery
Tru Home Pros is a honest and through company in explaining the entire process of going solar. My wife and I appreciated the time Rob took to explain if solar was going to work for our family. We are definitely going to recommend this company to our neighbors and friends.
Jen Comerford
Jen Comerford
Had a great experience with TruHome Pros. Rob was super patient with a billion questions and very thoughtful in his explaining every detail to us. Highly recommend for Solar panels!
KC Yoon
KC Yoon
TruHome Pros successfully activated the solar panels and made me believe that there are good and honest companies that will sincerely help you feel good about spending money for the right reason. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Robert Koson, the salesperson with TruHome Pros. As he mentioned in our initial meeting, he would be there every step of the way, and he kept his word. Thank you, Robert.
alan fitzner
alan fitzner
I have meet with Pete on going with solar power, he was well informed and easy to talk to . Our meeting was very productive
Heather Cross
Heather Cross
I kept seeing these ads for government assistance solar program, so I decided to look into it and get some more information. TruHome came out, Pete the rep explained everything very thoroughly the process of how it works. They had a very impressive technology, and came prepared with a generated imaging of what would work best for our home. If you are looking to go solar, definitely go with truhome. they explain the whole process show you what government programs or savings you could have with the solar panels, generate all the numbers for you all, potentially what your energy bill would look like down the road. Basically they walk you through every single step of the process. They even have an app, if you have any solar panels that are down you can put an order in for somebody to come out and get them fixed. The whole solar experience is pretty amazing.
Sue Murphy
Sue Murphy
Peter was very easy to talk to, explained things well, answered all of our questions and worked hard to make solar affordable for us. He will continue to be our contact person with Truhome Pros Solar.

Solar Services Frequently Asked Questions

After you sign a contract, we send an engineer to evaluate your electrical system and inspect your roof. The next step is to acquire the necessary permits. Once we have approval, we prep your roof and/or replace shingles or tiles as needed. Then we install the electrical wiring that connects to the solar panels. Next is the racking required to support the solar panels is installed and leveled. Then, finally, the panels are installed and connected to an inverter to convert DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current) used in your home and by the power company. But before you can turn the solar panel system on, it must be inspected and approved by your local utility and, in most cases, a local town inspector.

The cost depends on multiple factors. Every home and location is different. No one can provide a quote over the phone or email without a proper inspection or your roof and solar system. Before we do any work, we provide a quote for your approval.

Yes. It’s certainly worth going solar and using our services if you want to reduce and even eliminate monthly utility bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and increase the value of your property. Most homeowners can break even on their solar investment in 6-10 years, depending on their home’s size, electricity costs, and financing options according to This Old House.

Most solar panels are engineered to last anywhere from 20 to 25 years. That assumes you perform regular maintenance, including cleaning the panels regularly. Check the warranty details provided by the manufacturer of your solar panels.

Yes, just as you would with any contractor.

The roof must be in good condition with sufficient sun exposure so that the solar panels are tilted in a mostly southern direction to achieve maximum exposure. The best direction is south because the sun is always in the southern half of the sky, at least for those of us in North America. While east or west is less than optimal, the solar panels can still capture enough energy to generate sufficient electricity.

No. While solar panels are weather-resistant and aren’t affected by rain during normal operation, there’s a risk to the installers working under rainy conditions. Besides increasing the potential for slipping on a wet roof, installation requires running and testing wiring, which under rainy conditions, increases the risks of electrocution.

While solar panels are highly durable and considered low maintenance, they do get dirty, which blocks sunlight and reduces efficiency. A good rule of thumb is to clean the panels every three months. A long pole with a squeegee could do the job if it can safely reach it. Be careful, however, not to disturb any of the electrical wiring. If you have to get on the roof to reach the panels or are uncomfortable working around electrical systems, having a solar professional perform this service is best. TruHome Pros offers a highly affordable maintenance plan to ensure your solar panels work optimally.

Solar panel repair is not a DIY project. TruHome Pros technicians are specially trained in both the basic know-how of solar panel operation and general electrical system best practices. In addition, TruHome Pros technicians can thoroughly inspect the roof itself for potential issues that might not be obvious to a simple “eyeballing.”