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Top 10 best solar installation companies serving Illinois.

Top 10 Best Solar Installation Companies Serving Illinois

Interested in solar panels? You’re not alone. One of the major perks of going solar is that it can save you a lot of money and help the environment too. There are lots of solar companies in Illinois to choose from when you’re looking for solar installation services. Here are 10 of the best solar installation companies that serve Illinois. 

TruHome Pros

TruHome Pros provides quality solar installation services for homes in Illinois. The team at TruHome is dedicated to helping you go green and save money. Their best solar installers in Illinois can install solar modules on your roof or create an off-grid system for you. The team at TruHome has lots of experience and can help you get the most out of your solar installation in Illinois.


Certasun uses SunPower equipment. SunPower has been recognized as one of the best solar panel brands in the world. SunPower’s panels are well-known for their performance, efficiency, and durability. SunPower is also a leading provider of solar mounting solutions. Certain can install and maintain your solar array in Illinois so that you don’t have to worry about anything once the installation is complete. The team at Certasun works quickly too, so you’ll be up and running in no time.

Sun Badger Solar

Sun Badger Solar provides high-quality, professionally installed solar systems for residential and commercial customers in Illinois. The company’s focus is on creating an exceptional customer experience and delivering value over the long term. Sun Badger Solar takes pride in all of their work, so you can expect your installation to be done right the first time.

AES Solar (Advanced Energy Solutions)

Advanced Energy Solutions is a full-service solar provider that installs one of the best solar panels in the industry. The company has locations all over the United States and offers a free installation assessment. Advanced Energy can help you obtain financing for your solar system too, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need services that go beyond installation.

Tron Solar Solutions

Tron Solar Solutions offers solar installation solutions for both residential and commercial customers in Illinois. The company uses high-quality solar equipment from top brands to ensure that your system delivers reliable performance and efficiency for years. Tron Solar Solutions also has a strong focus on customer service. Your installation will be expertly handled by the team at Tron, so you won’t have to lift a finger once the project is completed.

Blue Raven Solar

Blue Raven Solar is a full-service solar installation company that provides high-quality solar products to residential and commercial customers in Illinois. The team at Blue Raven believes they can provide one of the best solar experiences possible for their customers, which is why they’re accessible and easy to work with. If you’re interested in going green but need some help from experts, give Blue Raven a call today.

Midwest Wind and Solar

Midwest Wind and Solar is a licensed solar contractor that serves residential and commercial customers in Illinois. The company works with you to design an energy system that meets your unique needs. Midwest Wind and Solar provide clear communication throughout the process, so you can rest assured knowing exactly what’s going on while your project is underway.

Moxie Solar

Moxie Solar provides high-quality solar installations for residential and commercial customers in Illinois. The company offers a wide range of services including design, permits, installation, maintenance, and monitoring, and also works with real estate agents to provide home energy reports. Moxie’s ultimate goal is to help you save money on electricity while protecting the environment.

StraightUp Solar

StraightUp Solar is a solar panel installer that provides top-quality work for residential and commercial customers in Illinois. The company offers full service, including design, permits, installation, and maintenance. StraightUp can help you get a system installed quickly and smoothly while providing you with superior customer service throughout the process.

Why choose a company to install your system?

Solar Energy Company West Dundee IL

While you can certainly install solar panels on your own, it’s important to understand that a professionally installed solar panels will last longer and deliver better performance.

Solar panels are subjected to the elements, so if you want your system to last for many years and deliver reliable performance, it’s best to hire a professional.

Furthermore, solar systems are permitted by local governments. This ensures that your panels will be installed with code compliance in mind. This increases safety as well as efficiency over time.

A solar installation company will also help you pick out the right system for your needs, which is particularly important if you’re a new homeowner.

Selecting the wrong size or type of energy system can result in higher costs and lower returns. A professional installer can guide you through the process to ensure that your system performs as needed while delivering increased savings over time.

If you are still interested in installing the system on your own, it is recommended that you at least consult with a company to determine how much of the job will be covered by local government and upgrades are done to increase efficiency. Solar panels have been around for decades now. Yet, they remain one of the most important sources of power if you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint.

Finally, it’s easy for anyone to install solar panels. But, if something goes wrong, who will you call? By installing your system with a licensed and insured solar panel installer in Illinois, you’ll have someone to call when something does go wrong. Not only will you be able to take advantage of the warranty that comes with your panels, but you’ll also have peace of mind when it comes to ensuring that your investment will meet and exceed your expectations over time. For extra information on how a professional installer can help you choose the right system for your needs while reducing the overall cost and increasing efficiency, contact an installer near you today.

Solar Energy Company Illinois

Considerations when choosing a company

In addition to understanding the benefits of hiring a professional Illinois solar company to install your system, it’s also important to know what it takes to choose an installer that offers you top-quality service and workmanship at fair prices.

As stated earlier, solar panels are subjected to the elements, which makes them vulnerable. These systems aren’t cheap and can provide financial savings over time if they last for many years and continue to deliver maximum efficiency.

A licensed and insured installer should offer you a guarantee against defects in materials or workmanship so that your system will exceed your expectations no matter what. Essentially, when you hire a licensed and insured solar installation company in Illinois to install your panels, you’re hiring craftspeople that understand how important it is to provide reliable service over many years.

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Solar Energy Company West Dundee IL

Compare prices, guarantees, warranties, and service plans of different companies before making a final decision.

When comparing solar panels, it’s important to select a company that offers you the greatest value over time. It might be tempting to choose the cheapest option available, but this is rarely the best decision when it comes to overall savings and reliability.

The upside of selecting a more affordable system, however, is that you’ll likely get service after the installation, as well. A licensed and insured installer in Illinois should offer you a warranty on the work they perform while ensuring that your system will continue to deliver the savings you expected when you first decided to invest in solar panels for your home.

If you’re looking for quality service at fair prices, it’s important to do your research before making a final decision. You will want to compare prices, guarantees, warranties, and service plans before deciding which company you want to hire for your job.

Evaluating the overall value that a licensed and insured solar installation company in Illinois provides is one of the most important factors when selecting a professional for your job because it directly impacts your bottom line over time.

Check reviews online of different companies in your area to see how they are rated by the people who hired them before you. Aside from price, this is one of the most important areas that you will want to consider when evaluating contractors because it tells you what other customers have experienced after hiring a company for their own solar needs.


With so many factors to consider when selecting a solar installation company in Illinois, it’s important to research companies thoroughly before making a final decision.

The main consideration is price along with guarantees and warranties, not just for equipment but also for service after the installation has been completed. By comparing prices of different companies, you can determine whether a more affordable price is worth the gamble of potentially having to replace parts down the road at your own expense.

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